”It’s just me… Kendall!”

In one of the strangest celebrity burglary stories ever, Drake’s home was recently broken into by a fan… but all they stole was two cans of soda and a Fiji Water.

The intruder broke into Champagne Papi’s house on April 3 and was found in one of the bedrooms wearing one of his hoodies.

According to TMZ, the woman told police that she was allowed into the house and confessed to drinking some Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji Water. However, Drake’s camp have stated she entered unlawfully.

None of the rapper’s belongings were taken or found in her possession – apart from the hoody on her body – yet the fact she drank juice purchased by the owner makes it a felony.

It’s unknown how long the intruder was in the house for or how she entered, however we do know that Drake was not present at the time.

The Joy of Pepsi is no more, it’s the root of all celeb problems nowadays.

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