Things escalated real quick.

Drake Liked Hilary Duff's Photo On Instagram: Interview

Hilary Duff blushed when she admitted Drake liked one of her pics on Instagram.

During an interview with Zach Sang & The Gang, Duff talked about her new record “Breathe In. Breathe Out.” and not fitting into any category in music 2015. She begins to explain that today’s music is more rhythmic but wanted to devise a sound that was true to herself. When Hil starts listing off what she likes, including hip hop, she casually throws in Drake double tapped a snap on Instagram.

“It was important for me to make my record and really still sound like me,” she said. “I love hip-hop music, but obviously I’m not gonna make a hip-hop record. But Drake liked my photo on Instagram the other day so…”

They asked if she’d work with Drake. The answer, although un-Lizzie McGuire like, was refreshingly candid.

“F–k yeah, I’d be pumped. Drake’s amazing. I’m such a big fan of his.”

Did Hil respond?

“I’m like the shyest person in the whole wide world. So of course I just screen-grabbed it and sent it to a bunch of my friends,” she said.

Watch her interview here:

But more importantly, how did she catch wind of that before the blogosphere did?