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Drake Destroys Meek Mill At OVO Festival

Kanye West and Will Smith are laughing their ass off.

Drake Destroys Meek Mill At OVO Festival

Drake continues the feud between him and Meek Mill with a meme-filled set.

While performing at the OVO Festival in Toronto on Monday (Aug. 3), Drake flashed famous Internet memes and Tweets aimed at Meek Mill after wearing a “Free Meek Mill” shirt during rehearsal.

He rapped a new song, another presumed diss track towards Mill titled “3-Peat,” rapping “He ain’t ready for that ‘3-Peat.’ Nah, he don’t want that ‘3-Peat.’”

After the show, someone caught Kanye West, who performed with Drake during his set, Will Smith and the “Energy” rapper laughing their asses off at Mill.

Is Drake and Mill’s public battle a guilty pleasure? Sure. Everyone loves to watch a good slow motion train wreck, but the feud between the two rappers is anything but sloppy. The allegation Mill blasted towards Drake, claiming he uses a ghost writer, created new tracks from Mill and two, possibly three from Drake. It’s spurring new music and sparking major social interaction – what more can a musician ask for? Don’t answer that.

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