90% Drake, 10% Bey.


Listen to the easiest feature Beyonce’s ever had to do.

This ain’t Mine, that’s for sure.

Drake has just dropped his hotly anticipated Beyonce collab Can I and it…really doesn’t feature Bey all that much.

Beyonce appears on the freestyle track to repeat the words “Can I? Baby…” over and over while Drake raps around her.

Check it out:

It’s not the first collaboration between the two, Drake appeared on Beyonce’s 2013 self titled album for the mature monogamy-is-the-way-to-go anthem Mine. That song was much more of a duet, with Drake contributing an entire verse and an outro rap.

It’s unclear whether the new track is an official single from the new album Drake keeps threatening to drop at random, and it’s the second feature spot for Beyonce in the past few months, after also appearing on Naughty Boy’s latest effort Runnin’.

What do YOU think of Drake and Beyonce’s new song?