Sam Lutfi recently gave a quote to saying that Dr. Phil was a big help with the Spears family during this tough time:

“I witnessed Dr. Phil being incredibly influential in helping the family unite. … His meeting with Britney has certainly made a positive impact instilling seeds of encouragement and reality within her.

“In the near future it is likely that more information may be shared with the public with the hopes of better understanding a situation as serious as this.”

Dr Phil’s website is now advertising a “Britney Spears exclusive” for his Tuesday show. Odds are he will just be re-capping what we already know. I hope he is careful with what he says, and is supportive.

Update: Several media outlets are reporting that it will be Lynne & Jamie who appear on the show. Britney has refused to appear on the show according to recent reports.

Looks like he will have a few more viewers for his show on Tuesday.

Update: They removed the info. Looks like the episode has been scrapped. Wise.

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