Vezna Gottwald wonders why Katy Perry doesn’t come to his defense and says Taylor Swift should’ve donated to a **** charity instead.


Dr. Luke maintains his innocence, and it’s driving him crazy.

We’re all too familiar with where most of the music industry stands in the Kesha V. Dr. Luke on-going legal battle. Mega artists like Taylor Swift, Adele, Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson and many more of the business’ leading ladies are speaking out for Kesha, who says she was raped and sexually abused by Luke and wants out of a binding contract that demands she continues recording under Sony imprint label Kemosabe records, which Luke oversees.

No one has come to Dr. Luke’s defense in the industry besides his attorneys and himself, and the silence is deafening. Luke’s sister, Vezna Gottwald, 44, spoke to the Daily Mail to vent about her younger brother’s dire situation, including her frustration at Katy Perry. Some of Perry’s biggest hits throughout her decade-long career are a result of Luke’s artistry in the studio, though she’s remained tight-lipped on the matter. “Not one person is speaking out for him (Luke) and that’s terrible,” Vezna says. “I’ve been thinking why doesn’t Katy Perry stand up… she is his friend?”

“There is nobody shouting out for my brother and this has been very painful and horrible for all of us,” says Vezna. “What happened to anyone having integrity and trying to find the truth? It’s incredible that anybody can just slander somebody who is a good man and they know nothing about. It is so difficult for him to fight back when all of these huge stars like Adele and Taylor Swift are coming out in support of her and it really is affecting all of our family. It’s like the Salem witch trials, but we know who the real witch is behind all this. If this was a Disney story that my son was watching she (Kesha) would be the evil Cruella.”

His state-of-mind is fragile.

“He has had to hire a crisis manager and he has not been able to go out of his own home. I have a four-year-old and Luke has got a four-year-old and a three-year-old and it is like the children are going to have to grow up with this hanging over us. This is the one time I am grateful our father died, that he does not have to go through it, because it is horrific and I am grateful that he is not around. It’s a stigma that’s so hard to shake off even when it is not true.”

Vezna has a point. Whether Kesha is lying about the allegations Dr. Luke raped her or not, his reputation has suffered irreparable damage and will seriously deter future artists from collaborating with him due to stigma being associated with an alleged ******.

She continues: “I find it horrendous there is no other voice other than hers (Kesha) being heard,” she says. “He is just not that sleazy producer that people are making him out to be. I am so proud of my brother and New York should be proud, because he is a New Yorker. He made himself who he is on the streets of New York. Do they so easily forget he is that cute boy that was the lead guitarist on Saturday Night Live for ten years?”

As for that $250,000 Taylor Swift donated towards Kesha’s legal bills, Vezna says Swift’s move was opportunistic.

“She should have given it to a **** charity.”

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