Fans seem really disturbed by William Orbit’s recent Twitter frenzy. Especially his Tweet saying Dr. Luke is in charge and Britney has no voice. Well, except in the songs!

Exhalers aren’t shy about their opinions! Some think Dr. Luke is putting his artists on Britney’s album and cutting others that deserve a spot. Says one fan:


“For a little up date it seems William Orbit has been cut from the album, and it looks like Rusko and Danja wont be joining the party either. But don’t worry guise the following collaborators seemed to have made the cut: Dr.Luke, Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Bonnie Mckee, Dr. Luke, Keshit, Dr. Luke, Will.I.AM.

This album was touted in the beginning as career defining, rivaling Blackout has turned into a vehicle for Dr. Luke to promote himself and artists on his label (Bonnie Mckee, Keshit, Billboard) by getting the most tracks on the album while more talented producers like Danja, Rusko, and William Orbit are cut. It’s not even about Orbit not making the cut but his insinuation and general feeling that Britney is just a bystander in her own album who isn’t involved and doesn’t know what’s going on.

Not even excited anymore I just want the Bloodshy and Avant tracks. I’m not interested in supporting Dr.Luke and lining his pockets.”

Other fans think they’re rushing the album release, seeing Britney in and out of the recording studio weeks before the album’s due.

What do YOU think about all the album-Dr. Luke drama?

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