Another twist.

As the weeks/months/years go on in the legal battle between Kesha and Dr. Luke, new twists and turns arise.

Last month, a judge granted Dr. Luke permission to show Katy Perry a text Kesha sent Lady Gaga, which was reportedly a message that said an unnamed recording artist was “raped by the same man.” It did not specifically state Luke’s name, but his legal team says it’s clear he’s the one being referred to.

In response, Kesha’s legal team filed papers asserting Luke has a “vendetta against Kesha” and is blocking her from releasing new music and is withholding owed payments.

Now in a newly-filed counterclaim, Dr. Luke is asking Kesha to fork over $1.3 million in royalties, citing “Kesha baselessly refuses to pay Plaintiffs the much larger sums she owes them.”

As StereoGum points out, Luke also claims Kesha is misconstruing the notion he is blocking her from releasing new music.

Defendant also would have this Court – and the press and public – believe that Gottwald has interfered with her recording process and has prevented her from recording new music. Nothing could be further from the truth. As Kesha’s proposed counterclaim concedes, she is recording in the studio with producers of her choosing and preparation is underway for the release of her next album. Gottwald has not interfered in any way with her recording process; and there is no factual allegation (as opposed to bare conclusion) to the contrary in Kesha’s proposed pleading. The fact that Gottwald never forfeited his rights as CEO of Kemosabe Records does not – and cannot – give rise to any new counterclaim.

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