inside out better be a freaking single just saying

Just because the Femme Fatale Tour is over doesn’t mean the era is finished… right? Just because Britney’s never performed the “Criminal” doesn’t mean the era is kaput… right?

Just because “Inside Out” wasn’t made a single doesn’t mean the era is done… RIGHT?

A fan Tweeted Femme Fatale co-executive producer Dr. Luke (who also produced IO):

“So was it decided early on that Inside Out wouldn’t be a single? 🙁 INSANITY that it wasnt on the tour, wasnt a single, etc.”

Luke replied:

i agree…. i love that song..

Give us something to remember! Please make this a single or face the wrath of Britney fans forever.

Or at least until you wave something shiny in front of us.

In case you haven’t…

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