Dr. Luke: “I Didn’t **** Kesha”

February 22, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Dr. Luke blasted a barrage of Tweets regarding his lawsuit with Kesha.


Dr. Luke opened a direct line of communication regarding his lawsuit with Kesha.

After a judge denied an injunction that would allow Kesha to record music outside of Sony and its imprint label Kemosabe Records and away from her alleged sexual abuser, Dr. Luke, the defamed producer is speaking out against the allegations.

Luke’s lawyers issued a statement on Monday denying everything, including the wide-spread #FreeKesha campaign, claiming she IS free to record without him, however they fail to address its implications by her staying put. If she puts forth new music with Kemosabe Records, she’s essentially agreeing to the misconduct and sexual/emotional abuse she claims Dr. Luke is guilty of. In a shocking turn of events, Dr. Luke (real name Lukasz Gottwald) is clarifying his side. In a new series of Tweets, Luke says he “didn’t **** Kesha and I have never had *** with her” and says “she was like my little sister.”

Read them below:

He also posted one screen shot from TMZ of a filed document where Kesha admits under oath she was not roofied by him and another of a headline where Lady Gaga denies she was raped by Luke as Kesha’s lawyers suggested.

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