August 20, 2007 By Jordan Miller

Hello all. Let me apologize for the downtime today. The hard-drive crashed due to the huge increase of traffic to the site, and the data center was irresponsible in fixing it in a timely matter. Because of this, the site is being moved to a more reliable data center. What it comes down to, is you get what you pay for. Because the site is non-profit site, I use Google ads displayed on both sites, and highlighted keywords. This pays for part of the server, and the rest I pay for out of pocket. I would sincerely appreciate any donations. The site has grown so much, but my checkbook hasn’t. Click below to send money via Money means a more reliable server, therefore no downtime! You can check out past donations at the Donations page. It would mean the world to me if you could donate, even if it’s a dollar.

Again, I am so sorry for the downtime. It truly makes me upset and anxious when the site is down. I hate it. Also just wanted to say I appreciate the overwhelming response I got in emails, IMs, and
myspace messages about the site being down. Means a lot! Stay tuned”