Britney loves vanilla candles

Britney’s worked hard getting herself back on track, so could judging on X Factor derail that progress?

Sources tell ShowbizSpy the pressure could bring her down.

“Britney would be a ticking time bomb on a show like that,” reveals one source. “Unless what she says is heavily scripted, she could struggle. There is no telling what she might come out with on live TV left to her own devices. She’s a sweet girl but sometimes she struggles to be spontaneous. She certainly would struggle to be a sharp as someone like Simon Cowell.”

With a twenty-million dollar paycheck, I’m sure Brit could muster up the courage to talk candidly about a contestant’s performance. She’s sweet, but we know Brit’s got it in her to know a superstar when she sees it… and when she doesn’t.

“The timing is perfect. Brit would love to connect with fans on a weekly basis and loves working on TV after several guest appearances on the sitcom How I Met Your Mother,” they continued.

Britney could mentor someone with the X Factor and guide them in a path that wasn’t as tumultuous as hers was at times. There’s no one better!

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