Britney is giving you the **** eyes.


Because she wants her biggest fan-site,, to stay open forever! And she, I mean we, I mean I need your help!

Ever since Jamie Spears and his iron fist attempted to force BreatheHeavy’s demise because I apparently was (I wasn’t) making a profit off Britney and using her name and persona for financial gain (again, I wasn’t), BreatheHeavy has been AD FREE.

Yes! There really IS someone out there not trying to make a buck off Britney!

BreatheHeavy is a non-profit website made with the intention to inform fans about the biggest star in the world. This site relies on YOU, the fans, to stay live and running.

Since March of this year, BreatheHeavy has remained ad free due to the overwhelming support from readers who contributed their hard-earned money to fund a site dedicated to Britney and her fans.

I have used EVERY PENNY donated to fund the site’s server costs since March. But, unfortunately, the funds are limited.

And when I say limited, I mean exhausted.

It’s that time again; time to swallow my pride, close my eyes, curl up in a ball and hold my hand out.

I once again need your support.

And when I say support, I mean donations.

Any amount will help and be appreciated!

Paypal email address: [email protected]

BreatheHeavy is my passion – it’s the breath of fresh air in my lungs that keeps me sane – my creative outlet – my desire – it’s me.

I hope I can update you readers about my inspiration forever – and I need your support, now more than ever, to do so.

I cannot thank you enough for sticking with BreatheHeavy through these last 6 tumultuous months.

“You [Jordan] are an uber fan who’s gone a little too far,” said Jamie’s lawyer, Brad Rose.

And by uber, he means dedicated.

Jordan Miller, Owner & Webmaster of

Email: [email protected]

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