Donald Trump Likes Kevin Federline

October 10, 2006 By Jordan Miller

Donald Trump sounded off to CNN’s ‘Larry King Live’ about Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, and how he’s changed his tune on K-Fed since the rap upstart called The Donald his hero. “I was really attacking him because I have a radio show that’s a very successful show,” he explained of his K-Fed barbs. “You know it’s like a Paul Harvey 60-second deal, the Clear Channel. They’re great. They set it up in my office and I do it. And, I was attacking him and then somebody said, because, you know, I didn’t, he was right for her in all fairness. Hey, look what happened to her, she’s a mess. So, what happens now is I heard the other day that his all-time hero is Donald Trump. So, now what I said, ‘I think he’s a great guy. He’s fantastic.’ You know when somebody likes you, you say ‘Hey.’ So, I totally changed my mind. I think Kevin Federline is fantastic.” Watch the segment at