Do Somethin’ Is Single Of The Week

March 1, 2005 By Jordan Miller

Or “Do SUH’in”, as Britney insists on singing it. Someone in the Spears camp has realised that you’re far more likely to have a long career in this business we call show if you release a stream of fantastic songs, rather than endlessly reworking your one big hit.

So, after the polar opposites of ‘Toxic’ and ‘Everytime’ comes another right-angle turn of a song in which Britney goes crunk (sort of).

Actually, the hip hop beats, stripped back synths and squealy melodies are closer to ’80s rap stars Salt ‘N’ Pepa than Lil John. And the layer of fuzz which descends like a swarm of grumpy wasps adds some much-needed seedy dirt to the whole affair. Sure, it runs out of steam halfway through, but if you give in and let the beat work its magic on those toes, chances are so will you.

Credit – UBritney.Com