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DNCE teased a bit of the “Kissing Strangers” music video. The full thing is ~coming soon~:

Coming soon… #KissingStrangers ?

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It’s a dog’s life in DNCE and Nicki Minaj’s new lyric video for “Kissing Strangers.” Catch it below:


DNCE taps Nicki Minaj for a new tune.

The band has had no trouble creating hits. “Cake By The Ocean” is still a legitimate bop today as it was two summers ago. Their momentum built so fast that they rushed an album, their self-titled LP that features a string of pop-rock gems. The entire record is laced with sexual innuendos, and their latest one-off with Nicki Minaj is no different.

On “Kissing Strangers,” frontman Joe Jonas sings about making out with randos until he meets the love of his life. AKA every millennial in their twenties. “Aye, I’m just trying to make my way out to the concrete jungle / What’s with me?”, he sings over funky guitars. “Trying to find connection in 2000-something, ain’t easy.” Joe also shows off his falsetto. His bandmates chime in with a bunch of Na na na na na na na nas.

For Nicki’s part, she raps in warp-speed. “I got a boy that I kinda like / This is a kiss-kiss, tongue him down kind of night / He got that uhm-uhm, heard he got that China white / He got that bomb, I think I’mma call him dynamite.” Nicki is genuinely a great rapper, so anything she lays down sounds good, but regardless of her talent she sounds a bit out of place.

Stream below:

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