DJ White Shadow’s Laptop & Hard Drives Were Stolen At Gaga’s Birthday Party

March 31, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Prepare for the LG5 leaks.


Little Monsters, you might greatly benefit from DJ White Shadow’s recent scuffle.

DJ White Shadow worked with Lady Gaga on many of her Born This Way and ARTPOP songs, including “Electric Chapel,” “Government ******” and “Applause,” and is currently helping Gaga with her forthcoming pop record. He described her next record as “super duper sweet” last summer, but didn’t offer much else. He might not have to, considering his computers, hard drives, watch and headphones were stolen while he was attending Gaga’s 30th birthday bash over the weekend.

TMZ reports: “According to the police report … around 4 AM White Shadow and a pal were leaving the venue with all his gear when they got into it with a photog who was hurling derogatory comments at them. Cops say White Shadow and his pal left his gear and approached the pap, but when the tiff ended they realized someone had swiped the equipment.”

DJWD reported the mishap to the cops, but so far nothing has been returned.

You may recall Kanye West’s laptop getting stolen a while back then… sudden leaks began to sprout in the months to follow. LG5 demos in 3… 2..

Dust ya self off and try again.

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