Literally, the tea.

Literally, the tea.

DJ White Shadow, who’s responsible for producing most of Lady Gaga’s 2011 album Born This Way and 2013’s ARTPOP, promised he’d share the intro to a song titled “Tea” that was originally crafted for ARTPOP but was ultimately left on the cutting room floor. He came through.

Ahead of Gaga’s recent Joanne Tour show at Fenway Park in Boston (which, by the way, was the first time a woman headlined there ever), White Shadow (real name Paul Blair) played the beginning of the track.

It sent fans into quite a frenzy. The electro-pop intro kicks off with a twinkly keyboard solo before the bass elevates. The whole thing is probably quite massive. We don’t know for sure though, because White Shadow ends it before Gaga’s vocals kick in. “That’s all you get for now,” he teased.

Like what you hear? Buckle up. DJWS says there’s “more on the way.”

The production sounds epic; a literal banger. What’s a Monster gotta do around here to get the full track? Wait, don’t answer that.

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