Music magic in the making?

Music magic in the making?

During her headlining set at Coachella in April, Lady Gaga surprised the crowd with Detroit City-produced track “The Cure.” It sounds nothing like anything off Joanne. Instead, Gaga tapped into her electro-pop roots for it, and fans appreciated that. She enlisted DJ White Shadow to help write it. If you’re not familiar with his Gaga catalogue, it’s quite impressive. He helped craft most of 2011’s Born This Way, including “Born This Way,” “Edge Of Glory,” “Government ******’ and “Electric Chapel,” among others. Same for ARTPOP (“Applause, Do What U Want, Swine, Sexxx Dreams”).

DJWS revealed that he recently spent six weeks working on new material with Gaga. That’s in addition to the time he spent with Mother Monster during her Joanne recording sessions. The sound and vibe of that record wasn’t a good fit for them, but he remained an active participant. “When she did Joanne, I was there all the time,” he said. “I was there listening to stuff and going over stuff. She was making a record that I knew I couldn’t really contribute to, but I was there and listening and talking about what it was and trying to figure out how to do things. I couldn’t contribute, but that didn’t stop us from being friends.”

Guess what? He’s also by Mother Monster’s side as she rehearses for her Joanne World Tour. The hit-maker posted a 3-second clip in an Instagram story of “The Cure” playing and showed a chair with the label “LG” on it.

This could mean one of several things: 1.) DJWS is tagging along just for the fun of it, 2.) Wants to see how “The Cure” performance for the tour is shaping up or 3.) Is helping Gaga prepare to unleash new music.

It’s worth mentioning Gaga confirmed to Billboard she’ll have new tunes to sing on tour. Let’s hope his involvement is more than moral support.

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