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DJ Snake, Selena Gomez, Cardi B and Ozuna’s New Song “Taki Taki” Sounds Like Major Lazer’s “Sua Cara”

“Taki Taki” has arrived, but it feels like it did months ago.

Unless my brain officially can’t decipher one EDM-tinged reggaeton track from the next (and that’s very well possible), Major Lazer’s star-studded new banger, “Taki Taki,” with Selena Gomez, Cardi B and Ozuna, has a striking resemblance to Major Lazer (RIP), Anitta & Pabllo Vittar’s 2017 summer smash, “Sua Cara” (receipts below).


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The production, I— I can’t defend Snake’s decision-making here. Let me turn my attention elsewhere…

Ozuna is all over this, and that’s all I’ll say about that.

Cardi’s verse sounds polished and crisp – she’s the real gleaming highlight on the track.

Now, the decision to include Selena’s part towards the end was… a choice, and her part is a tad underwhelming (breathy though, and y’all know that’s this site’s thing). MOAR. SELENA. PLEASE.

All in all, it’s gonna be a no from me, dawg (it will probably blast to No. 1 anyway so what do I know).

Listen below:

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Do YOU think “Taki Taki” sounds like Sua Cara? Leave a comment below!

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