DJ Snake is Back With “Talk”

June 3, 2016 By Aaron

Curious to hear the only track you’ll hear on the radio this summer?.


DJ Snake is back with another EDM-infused summer smash.

After the massive viral success of “Turn Down For What” and his Major Lazer collaboration “Lean On”, French producer DJ Snake is practically swimming in buzz, so does his new track “Talk” measure up to his past successes?

With some assistance from Australian singer/songwriter George Maple, DJ Snake has created a mid-tempo, breezy island jam. A track all about shutting up and dancing, it’s sure to hit big in the clubs, and it’s a brilliantly timed release, hitting the airwaves in June to maximize its chances of being ubiquitous this summer.

Albeit not as immediate as some of the other contenders for Song of the Summer 2016, DJ Snake’s track record proves that as with last year’s “Lean On” sometimes the best songs are growers. There’s no denying the catchy melody or the infectious synth laden instrumental.

There’s a little debate around whether the song constitutes a new track, given that it features the entire vocal of Maple’s pre-existing “Talk Talk”, first released in 2014, with some suggesting that it’d be better labeled a remix. DJ Snake certainly seems to be treating it as an original release, however.

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