She’s too busy to make an album at the moment.


What a girl wants, what a girl needs… is some new Xtina music.

With her commitments as a judge on The Voice, teaching an online singing course and executive producing a new musical game show on Spike, Christina Aguilera doesn’t have much time for anything else… including an album.

Aguilera recently revealed the next LP is an “album of freedom,” but someone needs to grab the reigns.

“I’m working with some new producers that I haven’t before,” Aguilera told Wonderwall several weeks ago. “And I’m reuniting with some old producers that I have always had a long time connection with, including Linda Perry who I did ‘Beautiful’ with. We have such a beautiful chemistry and connection.”

In a separate interview with Extra, Aguilera said she’s “really focused on my music right now.”

However, the “Dirty” singer admits she’s been “loosely working on it” because she likes to “take my time, obviously,” adding: “I’m not a robot… I have to really nurture the creative process and the time it takes to really deliver greatness. I’m excited… it’s gonna be a big deal.”

That big deal is taking its time, and according to DJ Premier, fans will have to wait a bit longer.

In a new interview with The National, Premier, who collaborated with Aguilera on several Back To Basics tracks, says he got a call to work on the upcoming record… but she’s not ready quite yet.

“We spoke to each other and we do want to get together again. Because of her commitments with The Voice she only recorded a couple of songs and she is not in album mode right now,” he says, “but when she is then I’m ready.”

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