Britney wants a hot song? She better work *****.

DJ Mustard Says Britney Collabo Is Done

Britney’s DJ Mustard-produced song is finished.

A few weeks ago, DJ Mustard (Fergie’s “L.A. Love (La La),” Tinashe’s “2 On” and “Feelin’ Myself” with featuring French Montana, Miley Cyrus and Wiz Khalifa), revealed he’s collaborating in the studio with Britney on a new song for her forthcoming record. Their work together, according to the producer himself, is complete. During an interview with LA radio station, Real 92.3, Mustard confirmed her song they worked on is complete. Unfortunately, Mustard wasn’t there in person when Britney dropped her vocals, but we imagine it’s a monster of a song.

“We came up with this song, and one of the producers that I did it with he was like ‘hey, Britney Spears would sound…’ I was like ‘is she working right now?’ He was like ‘yeah.’

He adds they sent it to Team Britney and she went in and cut it.

When asked what she was like in-studio, Mustard didn’t know.

“I missed her by this much. She was in the front room where I work at. As soon as I got there they said she had just left. But they said she was vibin’. My engineer was in there though.”

Check it out at the six-minute mark:

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