DJ Berrie Not Leaking New Britney Music

March 9, 2007 By Jordan Miller

Several days ago, there was a lie rumor started that DJ Berrie (a DJ that played a few new Britney tracks at club Tenjune in New York City back in February), would upload some of Britney’s new music (in original or remixed form) on his myspace. This got fans all in a flurry, as it should… new Britney music! But DJ Berrie exclusively reveals to BreatheHeavy that the rumors are false:

“Hey man, honestly i do not know where this rumor started about me leaking her new songs. I do not have any of her new music, i simply had the chance to play it off the cd she gave to me at the club. Hope that clears things up.


There you have it kids. Looks like we’re going to have to wait that much longer.