EVERYONE is excited about Britney’s VMA appearance – even Disney ***** Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron (that’s MISS Zac Efron to you!)!

According to Eonline, “when popping out of a midtown rehearsal space yesterday, photogs asked Miley Cyrus if she was looking forward to Spears’ do-over,” in which Miley responded: “It will be awesome, I can’t wait.” Of course she can’t wait! The girl can barely wait the two week interval when releasing her nudie pics, let alone a Britney sighting.

And when Disney princess Zac Efron found out from Access Hollywood that he was sitting next to the legend that is Britney Spears, he jumped up and down in his rainbow toe-socks and exclaimed “Oh! I didn’t know I was sitting next to Britney Spears. Am I? Really? Ha! I’m excited.”

5 bucks says Britney has no idea who Zac Efron is. Bet on it!

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