Bang that, pass out, repeat.

Disclosure Unleash New Single "Pass Out"

As promised, Disclosure released their first song in two years today titled “Bang That.”

The brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence sample 313 Bass Mechanic’s 2002 track “Pass Out” in their latest club anthem, a house track using horns and heavy beats to fire up the listener into a rage of twerking, banging then passing out.

No word whether this song is the lead single off their sophomore LP, but either way its a great start to a (don’t call it a) comeback.

“As work speedily progresses on our next record, we wanted to give you guys something for the summer,” the brothers posted on SoundCloud. “[We’ve] been playing this one in our DJ sets for a while now and couldn’t resist putting it up!”

Give it a listen below:

What are you feelings on Disclosure’s latest thumper?