Disclosure are dropping “Bang That” sooner than later!

Disclosure's New Single "Bang That" Is Out Tomorrow

The UK’s finest production duo Disclosure are returning with a new single “Bang That” tomorrow.

The sibling duo are the ones behind Sam Smith’s breakout hit “Latch” and were partly responsible for dance music’s mainstream resurgence in 2013, in the UK at least, with their brilliant debut LP “Settle.”

So it goes without saying that their return, which was confirmed via their Instagram, is very exciting news.

Besides touring extensively for the last two years, the boys have quietly been working on their sophomore record without giving many (if any) hints away so we have no idea what their new single will sound like.

However, we DO know that they worked with Madonna last year while she was recording “Rebel Heart” so perhaps they saved a collaboration with the Queen for their own LP.


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If you’re not familiar with the producers then listen to one of their many brilliant songs, the 2013 hit, “White Noise” below.

We are not prepared for this.