Disclosure and Lion Babe Create Dance Floor Magic with “Hourglass”

September 10, 2015 By Aaron

Check out Disclosure’s new collaboration.


Disclosure continue their winning streak with Lion Babe assisted “Hourglass.”

Everything we’ve heard from Disclosure’s forthcoming sophomore album ‘Caracal’ has been nothing short of exceptionally good dance music and “Hourglass” with NYC duo Lion Babe is no different at all.

The song is an almost five-and-a-half minute late-night house adventure and the between the infectious beat, hopping synths and piano groove, the instrumental treads the fine line between sounding distinctly current and a pure ’90s throwback. The dance breakdown after the chorus is indicative of everything Disclosure do so well – a throbbing bass line with minimal percussion just shouldn’t be as effective as it quite clearly is here.

Lion Babe utilize Jillian Hervey’s Tina Turner-esque soulful vocals expertly and the melody on the verses similarly borrows from the golden era of house.

All things considered, it’s a brilliantly minimal effort from Disclosure and does nothing to dampen our excitement for ‘Caracal,’ due out on September 25th.

What do you think of “Hourglass?”