Director spills all the goodies on the NYC shoot. 

Director Jonas Akerlund Dishes On Filming

You can’t touch this cause she’s a bad *****.

Madonna is making major headlines for the visual for her new single “***** I’m Madonna” for several reasons. Some folks are feeling major FOMO because half of the big name stars phoned in their appearances via green screen. Some folks are enjoying the hard partying clip for what it is. Either way, the more attention directed towards something music-related for Madge is a good thing, right?

Director Jonas Akerlund spoke to EW about the working with the Queen of Pop on the video and we have all the highlights from the interview.

On Coming Up With the Concept: “Madonna called me about ‘Ghosttown.’ We hadn’t worked for a while because of different circumstances so when I heard all the songs [on Rebel Heart], I was very excited about ‘Ghosttown.’ I connected to it creatively. And, yeah, we enjoyed working together. I was supposed to start something else right after and that got pushed and she asked me to do ‘***** I’m Madonna.’ I saw it being so completely different from ‘Ghosttown,’ something a little bit less serious, just fun and crazy.”

On Preparing for the Shoot: “It became almost mathematic figuring out how to shoot it. We had a detailed shotlist. We also rehearsed, which is rare for a music video.”

On Filming Over One Night in New York City: “It’s always a challenge. Madonna is a celebrity enough for any music video. But with the nature of the song and the playfulness of it, we thought, ‘Let’s have some friends and family and go crazy with it!’ Everyone was spread out and their time is tight, but the good news is we all love Madonna and everyone wants to be involved. That made it really fun and playful.”

On Fighting Against Daylight: “On film shoots, you normally fight against losing daylight, but on this job we were fighting against the sun coming up. But you do see parts of it at the end, the sun on it’s way up.”

On Why He Loves Working With Madonna: “We’ve built trust between us through the years and she’s one of those people who really gets the best out of you. She wants to do something great. Every time we do videos, we want to change the world. A lot of artists don’t do that, but she does. She has that extrathing that makes her job worth it.”

There’s also a new behind-the-scenes video, which was uploaded on Madge’s YouTube on Thursday (June 18), and it shows off some of the action that went down during the massive hotel shindig. If you had any hesitation as to which stars actually showed up to the party, look no further since Rita Ora, Chris Rock and Diplo all appear in this clip.

Check out some of the behind-the-scenes action on set of “***** I’m Madonna” below:

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