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Diplo Taking Madonna’s Music To The Next Level

Diplo Taking Madonna's Music To The Next Level

While Diplo isn’t on not-so-secret vacations with Katy Perry, he’s working or talking about music.

In a new interview with Paper magazine, Diplo touches on what’s hot in the music biz, and, well… what isn’t.

“If I’m doing something with Madonna, I’m trying to push the envelope. It’s like the wild west right now. We have someone like DJ Snake [of “Turn Down for What”], who’s selling more than Mariah Carey‘s album. He makes music in front of his computer. He’s going triple platinum and Mariah Carey can’t even sell 10,000 copies.”

Burn for Mariah, but YAS to Diplo working with Madonna on her new album. At the same time, Madonna’s infamous for collaborating with “in” artists of the moment and falls short. Maybe she should try something a little more experimental? #RayOfLight

Diplo Taking Madonna's Music To The Next Level