Diplo On Working With Madonna: She's A Legend

Madonna’s using a lot of Diplo for her new album.

He stopped by BBC1 Radio to chat about what he’s up to (a lot), including his time in the studio with Madge – an artist he didn’t expect to get anywhere with (lol).

“I never expected to accomplish a lot with her. I thought we were maybe just going to meet and try some things out,” adding he heard from producers she’s pretty hard to work with. The two ended up gelling well together.

He continued:

“…We had a really good chemistry in the studio and she was interested in what I was doing in a pop world but… We did a bunch of stuff and I think she’s going to take about five or six of the songs we did. We wrapped up the first single last week, so we’re just fine-tuning the mix.”

One of those songs is a retrospective track about her 30 years in the industry, sampling news broadcasts and interviews.

“She’s a a legend. 1000%.”

Listen to the full interview here: