Britney’s always been the queen of pushing peoples’ buttons then apologetically taking it back. A school-girl in a hiked up skirt? A virgin til marriage? A simple kiss with Madonna?

Hardly. Afterall, she’s not that innocent.

Or is she really just a sweet lily white southern Louisiana girl with a crafty team of people around her who know just how to rile up fans for the sake of relevance?

The Hollywood Gossip thinks the recent abuse claims are a strategic ploy set up by manager Adam Leber Larry Rudolph.

On December 1st, the story broke alleging boyfriend Jason Trawick abused Britney, followed by several audio tapes leaking of “Britney” and ex-husband Jason Alexander casually talking about weed, abortions and alcohol.

Cue Larry Rudolph, who’s stayed very behind-the-scenes lately, issuing several press releases saying they are 100% perusing legal action against Radar Online and Star magazine.

The very next day, Britney’s birthday, and news breaks her album debuts in March.

From The Hollywood Reporter:


“Can we see Rudolph, Alexander and Star all going in on this together, leaving Spears and Trawick in the dark? Absolutely … think about it, all parties win.

Painting her as a sympathetic victim, then handing the floor over to Spears herself for a defiant denial and a casual announcement of the new record?”

I figured it was the other way around: distract fans with album news after a bad story breaks, but this works too!

Guess we’ll never know, but props to Team Spears for causing a stir and it taking the media a few days to put together the pieces!

One BreatheHeavy reader emailed Radar about the lawsuit, to which they replied:

“Really? We haven’t seen a lawsuit.”

Besides, it’s been at least three or four days since a good conspiracy theory made the rounds!


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