You be the judge.

We smell drama.

Fifth Harmony might be in some hot water after whispers spread that Terror Jr implied the girl group’s brand-new Gucci Mane-assisted single, “Down,” is actually a ripoff of one of their very own songs.

After the ladies debuted the number on Good Morning America on Friday (June 2), the track quickly rose to the runner-up spot on iTunes Singles Chart. However, the mysterious individuals behind the Terror Jr moniker might have just called out the pop foursome for the similarities between their track, “Come First,” and 5H’s comeback record. “Come First” is featured on the act’s debut set, Bop City.

Shortly after the release of “Down,” which is basically “Work from Home”‘s less appealing little sister, Terror Jr took to the Twitterverse to share one hell of a subliminal statement. “ur . . favorite . . pop . . star . . just . . ripped . . us . . off . . because . . they . . are . . goldfish . . & . . we . . are . . not,” the trio wrote.

When one user reacted negatively to Terror Jr’s tweet, they had a slick response for the hater.

“Down” is available for download on iTunes. Scroll on below to take a listen to both songs!

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