Did Lady Gaga Get Engaged On Christmas?

December 26, 2014 By James Dinh


Word on the street is Lady Gaga is engaged to actor Taylor Kinney.

Some people receive electronics on Christmas. Some people receive ill fitting clothing. I received Britney’s Piece Of Me show postergram. But it looks like Lady Gaga topped us all with an engagement ring.

Even though there’s no official confirmation, Mother Monster put the rumor into high gear when she took to social media on Thursday (December 25). Gaga wrote on Twitter:


While that doesn’t allude to much, it’s her Instagram post that got fans chatting up a storm. The post has since been deleted, but BreatheHeavy managed to find a screen cap where the singer reveals that she and her festive pup “have a secret.”

Gaga IG screen cap

Just a few weeks ago, Gaga told Howard Stern that she and her boyfriend of three years had not engaged in any kind of commitment ceremony. Hmmm…

What do you think Gaga’s secret is? Do you think Taylor put a ring on it? Tell us in Exhale!

PS – lol @ gagasvagina