Did Kevin Federline cheat on Britney Spears? That’s what one publication appears to be ready to report in its upcoming edition.

This week’s Star Magazine looks like it’s ready to drop a bombshell accusation on K-Fed.

The cover shows a photo of Brit and baby Sean Preston in Malibu and the headline screams: Kevin cheats on Brit!

This should get interesting. Was it when Kevin ‘wasn’t kicked out of the house?’ Was it on the first trip to Vegas?

Oh the humanity.

Indeed Britney Spears has had a busy time of late. The pop tart has been in the Sin City of Las Vegas twice, wandered Malibu getting her hair trimmed (or extensions pulled) and has done some shopping.

The paparazzi have been in tow and Kevin is rarely shown in the pictures.

Does that prove he’s on the prowl? Nah, but I’m guessing The Star will have a lot more.

-Jill Atkins

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