That’s a wrap!

Did Ellie Goulding Finished Recording James Bond Theme Song: "Spy"?

Ellie Goulding is the rumored singer for the upcoming James Bond movie soundtrack song.

Sam Smith spilled the beans last month saying he heard Goulding was asked to record a song for the next Bond installment, and it appears his prediction was correct – at least judging by the troll-ey photo the “Anything Can Happen” singer posted. In the snap, Goulding is seen walking out of Abbey Road Studios, where Adele recorded 2012’s Bond theme song “Skyfall,” with the caption “That’s a wrap.”

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! Because Showbiz 411 thinks Goulding IS in charge of the next Bond song and claims it is titled “Spy.”

That's a wrap! ??

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Goulding recently revealed she’s finishing up her upcoming record, so perhaps the session was for that, but something has us thinking her James Bond “Spectre” theme song is what has her smiling so big.

“I don’t really know why this word seems appropriate but it’s definitely bigger,” Goulding said of the next album. “Whether that means it’s more adventurous, or a bit more ambitious, or a bit more daring, I don’t know. But I’m certainly taking on something a lot bigger than I have before and sonically it’s a lot bigger. I feel like there were maybe certain restrictions on the last album. But I’m at a point now with this album where it’s just taken on a new life now of its own and I can’t stop it. So that album is coming out and what people make of it I don’t know, but it is coming. It’s nearly finished and it will be out this year. Even if it’s out on 30 December, which is my birthday, it will be out this year.”