Read his last few tweets.


It’s like the Beygency is real or something.

Even though Azalea Banks’ disappearance from the Twitterverse has caused quite a few headlines (and an overall sense of relief on my timeline), there’s another musician who has fled the realm of 140 characters, retweets and favorites. He goes by the name of BOOTS.

Why exactly does the singer/producer departure’s from the social media platform matter? Well, he was one of the main creatives behind Bey’s surprise visual LP and his last few tweets before the account deactivation are sort of telling, or at least the Beyhive wants to believe so.

“The world is going to change in an unfathomable way very soon,” he wrote on Tuesday (March 8), before offering an even more cryptic message. “I tried to warn you,” he followed up.

In case you haven’t memorized the credits from B’s visual album, BOOTS co-produced several of the pop titan’s cuts, including “Haunted,” “Drunk in Love,” “Partition.” We’ll have to wait to see if he’s even featured on her forthcoming album. In the meantime, can we get an SOS or something to make sure that homeboy is still alive and kicking?

Take a look at the screen caps from BOOTS’ last remaining tweets.

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