There are some definite similarities.


Ariana Grande is treading dangerous waters.

Grande’s preparing to release her upcoming album Dangerous Woman on May 20, and to ensure it impacts the Billboard 200 at the top, Grande is throwing out a bunch of different songs and seeing what sticks. Originally, her plan kicked off with “Focus” from the album previously titled Moonlight, but the song and LP name were eventually scrapped. Instead, Grande opted for the safe bet – a Max Martin-produced slow burner titled “Dangerous Woman,” and rebranded the record with the same title. She premiered “Be Alright” a day after “Dangerous Woman” with a live performance on Saturday Night Live, then plopped the studio version onto iTunes a week later. A healthy chunk of time has passed since its official release, but the blogosphere remains blissfully unaware (or nobody cares) that “Be Alright” sounds like it draws major inspiration from 19-year-old British producer Mura Masa and Nao’s 2015 song “Firefly.”

There’s reportedly six writers credited for penning “Be Alright,” however “Firefly” Mura Masa — real name Alex Crossan – is not one of them. Crossan addressed the similarities in a series of Tweets this week, but since deleted them. However, the Internet is forever.


Crossan also responded to a follower who asked if he was involved with Grande’s song by saying: “nope, ripoff,” but that, too, was removed.

The likeness is uncanny, and borders on the line of copying *cough* inspired from *cough.*

This certainly isn’t the first instance in recent months. For instance, Robin Thicke, Pharrell and T.I.’s “Blurred Lines” song borrowed key components from Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give it Up.” More recently, Justin Timberlake and Will.I.Am are embroiled in a legal dispute regarding their song “Damn Girl,” which is thought to sample a relatively unknown song produced in 1969 titled “A New Day is Here At Last.”

Listen to both songs below and let us know what you think in Exhale.

Ariana Grande – Be Alright:

Mura Masa – Firefly: