Warren says it was a collaboration between the two.


UPDATE: Linda Perry responded to Diane Warren’s Tweets.

Diane Warren defends Lady Gaga.

Linda Perry took to Twitter on Monday to shed light on what she feels is an injustice to songwriters. Perry, who’s another mastermind behind some of pop’s most compelling power ballads, claimed she had the “Til It Happens To You” demo with Warren’s vocals and there’s hardly any difference between that and the version Gaga recorded, except for one line.

The song is an original tune for The Hunting Ground film and received a Grammy and Oscar nomination.

Warren took to Twitter to clear the air. Though she didn’t deny Perry’s claims outright, she does come to Gaga’s defense. She says: “The song is the result of a special collaboration between myself and Lady Gaga,” Warren Tweeted. “As Lady Gaga and I have consistly said. “To you was inspired by the countless survivors of abuse who need our support and love so they know they’re not alone.”

In case you missed it, take a peak at Perry’s Tweets below:

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