We lowkey love Dev’s latest single.


Dev is back.

If your brain needs refreshing, Dev is the soaring voice behind 2011’s “Bass Down Low” and Far East Movement’s hit “Like A G6” featuring The Cataracts. Since then, Dev’s dropped a handful of songs, including the No. 11 charting song “In the Dark” and a two-part EP titled Bittersweet July in 2014. Today (Jan. 27), she returns with a new tune titled “Lowkey.” It features minimal production, boasting gorgeous harp instrumentation and robotized processed vocals as she talk-sings: “I needa girl who’ll keep it lowkey / Up late night eatin’ Macaroni / And she ain’t worried about the old me.”

The slinky production is reminiscent of the gold Dreamlab, Lambroza and Monson cooked up for Selena Gomez’s “Good For You.” It’s a bit repetitive, but it gets the message across. It’s a bit repetitive, but it gets the message across: Keep it lowkey.

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