Devin Rodriguez Takes A Leap Of Faith On New Song “Without U”: Premiere

November 15, 2019 By Jordan Miller

Up and coming artist Devin Rodriguez deals with the aftermath of a breakup on new song, “Without U.”

The dissolution of a relationship usually goes one of two ways: disorienting, prolonged misery or a resurgence. Rodriguez poured his heartbreak into an icy new tune titled “Without U.”

On the Scandi and LCS-produced track, the Jersey City based 23-year-old singer on the rise flexes vulnerability as he copes with a split from romance.

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Ahead of the song’s premiere, BreatheHeavy caught up with Rodriguez. In our interview together, Rodriguez opens up about the song’s creation, what listeners should take away from it, touches on his forthcoming album and provides interesting insight into the state of pop music.

Listen to “Without U,” then read our interview together below:

What do you want people to take away from it after listening?

This song I recorded during my “bittersweet” sessions, but it wasn’t ready in time when the album dropped so I saved it for the following one. This song really dives deep on me just closing a chapter in my life that was honestly much needed. You’ve been with this person for so long that now you have to figure everything out without him or her by your side and that’s something I realized during this year in 2019.

What do you want people to take away from the track?

Without U is a buzz track until I have everything set & ready to go with my new album. I love this song, but there’s so much in store that I have for everyone at home listening to my music who I love dearly. Without u doesn’t describe the whole sound of the album, but it gives you a taste on what to expect when that day comes.

What was the creative process like making this song?

I LOVE recording in my bedroom, and this one I recorded in the middle of the night with the hook constantly playing in my head for DAYS now. I freestyled the whole track to be honest, cause I was in my “bag” I guess, but that’s what these boys do to you these days I assume.

Without U is another song that I feel shows my discography on another level then what the audiences are use to with me. You have your pop Devin that’s gonna give you that good flavor, but then you have your R&B Devin that is so sensual, but vulnerable when needs to be. R&B/Hip-Hop has been such a major player in my life growing, especially being from jersey city,NJ. That’s all I heard growing up and I like to combine those two sounds that makes me! Without U is the best of both worlds in my opinion because it’s catchy, straight to the point & tells a emotional journey of a person going through life without their partner.

What are some of the personal experiences from your life that can be heard on the track?

My last relationship… you can hear the story play out on this one. I’m only 23 and I was going to get down on one knee. I was so in love, but I realized now that it was wrong timing for the both of us… mostly on his part. He was my best friend, and I like to think of him and me when we would just have the best times together. He was my biggest fan when it came down to my career and that really made me feel so good inside, you know? You can’t always find that in a guy. I found that within in him, and he found within me how to live, which changed my life for the better.

What’s your favorite lyric?

“I’ve been holding it down for you since the day that we made up, but baby I can no longer hide these scars from my makeup. “ I’m hiding the fact that he is still causing pain in my life. Meanwhile, I’m putting on a fake smile just so we don’t have an audience watching our every move.

You mentioned this is a buzz track for your forthcoming album? Why do you consider this a buzz track versus the lead single?

It would be a disservice to this album if I said that this song was the lead single. This song doesn’t represent the album at it fullest capacity. Without U is just a appetizer to what’s to expect in the near future because I have A LOT In store with this album. Trust me, I was just recording the other night and WHEW the bops are coming.

What can listeners expect with your new album?

At first, I was going to name my new album “Pop is dead” because it’s showcasing music that was oh so popular back in the early 2000s, but still continuing to make it sound fresh and modern. The sound, the vibe from this new album gives you throwback feels and it’s incorporating trap, R&B, pop and even a mix of trap pop with a bit rock influence on one record. I feel like the pop music we all know and love that was so popular back in the early 2000s has changed so drastically, but not in a bad way. People on Twitter are always saying “pop is dead” or “she’s coming to save pop music,” but has pop died? Or have we just not accepted the new wave of pop in 2019? I feel as though pop has transformed and we as the general audience haven’t let go of what we grew up to back in the early 2000s. It was going to be an invitation that pop is well alive, but has changed to fit the modern times of today. I was so spot on calling it that, but I turned over a new leaf while recording. It has a new title, but I won’t say it yet until the album is complete!

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