Up and coming artist Devin Rodriguez, a new signee on BreatheHeavy’s Creators roster, is one to watch. He cooked up a song titled “Stay,” a new release from his forthcoming album, and gets a shiny premiere on BreatheHeavy today (January 30).

On “Stay,” Devin’s smooth tone melts over icy production, a pulsating beat and stuttering synths as he sings about desire and longing. It’s a sound he’s not done exploring – in our interview together (see below), the rising indie musician said pop music isn’t what it used to be. He hopes to help shift things with “Stay.”

“I wanted something different for this new album, so I decided to step out of my comfort zone, and incorporate sounds that I never would have before, but still make it me at the same time,” Devin tells BreatheHeavy.

♫ “It’s been a while baby, can’t you tell? And I haven’t seen you since we’ve said farewell”

He added: “I wanted this to be super different than any other track that I recorded in the past. I wanted a song that people can just vibe out to. To let go of any type of issues that you are dealing with at the moment. Life’s too short to be going through life with negativity on your mind constantly.”

In a separate interview with us last November, Devin touched on the pop landscape and how it’s affecting his sound.

“At first, I was going to name my new album Pop is Dead because it’s showcasing music that was oh so popular back in the early 2000s, but still continuing to make it sound fresh and modern. The sound, the vibe from this new album gives you throwback feels and it’s incorporating trap, R&B, pop and even a mix of trap pop with a bit rock influence on one record. I feel like the pop music we all know and love that was so popular back in the early 2000s has changed so drastically, but not in a bad way. People on Twitter are always saying ‘pop is dead’ or ‘she’s coming to save pop music,’ but has pop died? Or have we just not accepted the new wave of pop in 2019? I feel as though pop has transformed and we as the general audience haven’t let go of what we grew up to back in the early 2000s. It was going to be an invitation that pop is well alive, but has changed to fit the modern times of today. I was so spot on calling it that, but I turned over a new leaf while recording. It has a new title, but I won’t say it yet until the album is complete!”

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