Dev Hynes: "Britney Jean" Played It Safe

Producer Dev Hynes worked on several songs for “Britney Jean” with William Orbit (“Alien”), but was cut from the album in November… he feels it’s because Team Britney was scared the songs wouldn’t $ell.

I’m “actually so stoked about them – something I don’t say often,” Hynes tells The Guardian of the tracks. “But they’d always come back with why they didn’t like it and it wouldn’t make any sense. I’d almost prefer them to say: ‘We’re scared we’re not going to make any money so we’re just going to use’ It’s funny – the people in charge of a lot of these artists … I don’t want to say they’re not real people, but it’s not a fan sensibility.”

“I feel like that’s what makes the best music, when people are a fan of the person they’re working with.”

Interesting take… I can relate!

Hynes says he’s a big fan of hers… “maybe just a bit more than most 27-year-olds,” he continued. “She’s such a huge part of our growing up. And I’m just not sure whether or whoever really care about her.” I try not to get distracted by an internet vision of a fresh new spat: ‘Dev Hynes says doesn’t care about Britney.'”