Dev aims for her next #1.


Dev aims for her next #1.

At the start of the year, Dev dropped a seductive one-off song titled “Lowkey,” but since then the singer has been just that… until now. The “In The Dark” crooner released a new song titled “#1” which boasts a feature from hip-hop rapper Nef The Pharaoh.

The track incorporates Dev’s signature airy vocals over a pulsating synthy beat. “Last summer I was ridin’ in your hummer, baby isn’t it a bummer that it’s over,” she sings. “Crazy. I used to call you baby, but now you hate me.”

“I used to be your #1 fan but forget it.”

Like most of her releases do, “#1” has the potential to scorch radio play as the summer winds down.

Listen below:

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