Stalker Steve Dennis recently released a biography about Britney and is revealing some of Britney’s dirty laundry, giving excerpts and details to the ever-so-classy, which describes Britney’s 2007 MTV VMA performance meltdown.

“Seven minutes before her live performance, Britney’s dressing room door opened and a collective look of horror fell upon the faces of her management team.”

‘What the f***?’ shouted one.

MTV advertised the performance as Britney’s “comeback,” but little did they know what was in store.

According to Dennis, Britney rehearsed for five weeks, even handpicking dancers.

“She had got Dita Von Teese’s stylist Trish Somerville, to create a flattering black one-piece for the make-or-break performance. And she had managed to secure the services of Ken Paves, dubbed Hollywood’s hottest hairdresser.”

Dennis claims Britney’s disastrous performance was due to anxiety of seeing ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake backstage before the show, as well as drinking tequila shots “to calm her nerves.”

“He was cool and couldn’t have been friendlier, but that wigged her out more,” says a backstage source. “She was freaking out over the littlest thing.”

The source says: “Brit is someone wanting to be loved, not used, not treated like a robot, not there for everyone else to make money, and not working all the time. It was inevitable she was going to reach the ‘F*** it! F*** you!’ stage. The great sadness is that she reached it in the run-up to this big moment.”

Britney also apparently pissed off her hair stylist, Ken Paves, before the show, reportedly saying she did not like his attitude and demanded his assistant.

Britney’s big comeback performance doesn’t stop at hair.

Britney was apparently supposed to ware a “striking Trish Somerville one-piece.”

When she emerged in a black bra, black hotpants and fishnets, her camp began freaking out, and insisted on her changing.

“It’s too ******* late! We’ve got to get her on stage!” shouted an MTV assistant.

The source says: “Everyone knew it all hinged on her hitting the first line we’d rehearsed to a T – look down the camera on a close-up and lip-sync, ‘It’s Britney, *****!’ If she could hold that line, and get through, she’d won.

“But the music started, and she stood and stared at the camera without moving her lips. At that moment, we knew it was over.”

Britney was reportedly in tears after the performance.

The stalker’s book is available on Amazon.

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