Britney went to to New York City to visit Jason’s family on Long Island, reports the NY Post.

But before the happy holiday couple flew to JFK, Britney and Jason stopped by boutique Milk & Honey in Huntington, CA for a few dresses, sunglasses and jewelry, necklaces and a bracelet – all on Jason’s dime!

“She was quiet but friendly and asked to wear one of the dresses she picked out of the store,” said a source.

The store even showed their excitement about the recent visit, saying:


“WOW, we just had a very special guest visit Milk & Honey in Huntington! I’d like to thank Britney Spears for making a special shopping trip to our Huntington location today;) She was with her boyfriend Jason Trawick, (who purchased a Amongst Friends navy canvas peacoat for himself), and bodyguard who kept careful watch over her. Britney picked up quite a few things herself which included our Melie Bianco floral clutch, Knitted Dove silky pink tunic, Ornamental Things locket necklace, Scrapbook lace/rose printed tunic (which she asked if she could wear out of the store), and much more! Spears browsed, played dress up ad stayed for about a half hour before heading to the airport. It was a pleasure to helping her;) Maybe she will visit again soon!”

Gotta look good for Xmas and the in-laws!

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