Detailed Mona Lisa Video Treatment [RUMOR]

January 3, 2005 By Jordan Miller

The video, according to the e-mail that is making rounds in e-group chains, starts with a close-up of a painting. The painting is a princess, with a crown, a scepter, and a beautiful gown. The princess in the painting, ironically, though, neither smiles nor frowns, just like the Mona Lisa painting. After which we realize that we are inside a castle, and then suddenly a door opens and that exact same princess in the painting is seen sitting on her bed crying. The weird thing is that the face of the princess is never shown. Suddenly, a man enters the room and that takes the princess by surprise.

Then comes the “ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got a story to tell..” Britney is wearing a black gown. She is inside a forest looking through a muddy pond which then opens up and brings us back into the castle. A struggle happens inside the room. Suddenly we see the princess being chased by the man.

The chase ends up inside the same forest where a girl falls into the muddy pond. A chariot stops in front of the girl. An old man stepped down from the chariot and offers his hand to the girl. Then, out of nowhere, a bullet is shot, killing the girl. A hand is shown with the gun.

On the last part, we see Britney inside a church with a bunch of nuns. They’re walking slowly towards the altar where a coffin lies. Finally, Britney looks through the coffin, and we see the blond princess is actually Britney herself. But the twist is that Britney in the black dress is actually holding a gun as she sort of mourns in front of the coffin. thanks