Find out why the ladies of DC may be planning to ditch the label Destiny’s Child.


It’s being reported that Destiny’s Child are planning a reunion album and tour under a different name in order to cut Matthew Knowles (Beyoncé’s father) out of cashing anymore pay-checks thanks to the group’s success.

If their gospel performance on Sunday left you desperate of another reunion from the artists formerly known as Destiny’s Child, you may be in luck. The Daily Mail have reported that Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are planning a comeback album and world tour under a different name in an attempt to ensure that Matthew Knowles can’t lay claim to any of the substantial profit that their new project will inevitably garner.

I know, I’m sceptical too, but stay with me, this could be interesting…

The rumor train took off out of the station after the ladies were introduced as Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle at last night’s award ceremony, rather than as Destiny’s Child. An innocent enough move, you may think, but apparently there’s more to this than meets the eye.

An anonymous source close to the group (because who else?) has reportedly claimed that:

“Alhough (sic) Destiny’s Child is made up of the three ladies, Beyoncé’s father and former manager Mathew Knowles owns one-fourth of the group as well. Anytime they do anything under the name Destiny’s Child, he has involvement in it and money from it.”

For those of you who don’t know, all three members of Destiny’s Child have fired Matthew, who served not only as the manager of the group but as their individual managers when the girls initially pursued solo careers. Between 2009 and 2010, Knowles had been dismissed by both Kelly and Michelle and then by his own daughter in 2011, following substantial claims that he had been stealing from the “Drunk In Love” star and after evidence emerged that he had been cheating on Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mother.

The source continues:

“The problem is they can’t figure out how to nix Mathew from the deal. They all want more than anything to give the fans one last run of the group, especially since they all have their own individual success, but don’t want to deal with Mathew… At best they maybe could offer him a flat rate or one-time settlement to buy out his portion of the group, but otherwise we may never get a Destiny’s Child reunion because none of them want him to benefit financially.”

Presumably Matthew would be very reluctant to allow the girls to reunite without making a profit, especially given his current dire economic status, but the article seems to imply that by changing their name, Destiny’s Child may be able to by-pass Knowles’ bank account. Matthew Knowles that is, of course – their proposed reunion certainly won’t be by-passing Beyoncé Knowles’ bank account, will it?

I’d advise taking these claims with a pinch of salt. All three of Destiny’s Children appear to have solo projects on the horizon: Michelle is reportedly in talks to co-host ABC’s prolific chat show ‘The View’, Kelly Rowland is a new Mom working on her 5th studio album and Beyoncé is rumored to be recording an album with husband, Jay Z.

If this is true, it’s a very exciting turn of events – there are very few of us who’d claim that we’re not here for more of Destiny’s Child – but hopefully the entire process doesn’t get too bogged down in the messy legal situation that Matthew Knowles would undoubtedly create if the girls attempted to cut him out of financial compensation for the band’s success.

Best to just buy the poor guy out and get working on that tour (which better include a performance of “Jumpin’, Jumpin'” or I’m out).

What are we thinking? True or false?