For a gospel performance… Okay.


For a gospel performance… Okay.

All three definitive members of Destiny’s Child took to the stage at the other award ceremony last night, the Stellar Gospel Music Awards, for their debut performance of Michelle William’s disconcertingly catchy 2014 single, “Say Yes”.

It’s no “Bootylicious” but check out the receipts below:

BeyoncĂ© joined former backing singers bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for the first time since her 2013 Super Bowl Halftime performance to kick off the Stellar Gospel Music Awards with a vocally stunning if not otherwise totally uninteresting performance of “Say Yes.”

Look, Jesus and I are on good enough terms, but I’m not here for Destiny’s Child, the gospel edition. If those three ladies take the stage again I want a mash-up that includes “Independent Women”, “Jumpin’ Jumpin'” and “Survivor”. Is that really too much to ask?

You’ll be able to watch the full performance in HD on Easter Sunday when the show airs, but for now you can make do with this phone recording until it’s rudely snatched off of YouTube (just like your dreams for Destiny’s Child’s 5th studio album have been rudely snatched away.)

What do you say when Jesus say yes?