Eva Longoria say they support pop star Britney Spears latest attack on the tabloid media. The interview aired on “Access Hollywood,” Friday, April 1, 2005.

Cross, who endured media speculation that she was a lesbian earlier this year, says she knows only too well how Spears feels. “I’ve learned personally that they can write anything they want,” she says. “It’s hard, and the fact that she would say that doesn’t surprise me…it’s a hard thing to continually, in your private life, have to deal with. I don’t know how you protect yourself, I really haven’t got any ideas.”

Longoria says she feels that a group effort against the tabloid media could prove to be successful. “I think we should totally unite and just ban those tabloid magazines.”

Source — TeenHollywood.com
Credit — BritneysMind.Com

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